Solutions for modern construction


        At first, on behalf of Hoang Trung Chinh Co., Ltd, steering committee of our company would like to send you best wishes for health, happiness and success and thanks for your all cooperation and support in during the recent past.

        Hoang Trung Chinh Co., Ltd was established by the young scientific researchers staff from Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. Throughout studying and researching process in the nation and abroad, we are aware the practical benefits that the Science and Technology have given people as well as the necessity of the application of new technology products in development country, especially in the construction field. So, we decided to go into research the products, geotechnical materials to provide the best solution for reinforcement of soft ground which bring higher efficiency for your project.

        Besides, in the process of formation and development, Hoang Trung Chinh Co., Ltd also has had the research and cooperation with the professors, doctors in nation and other countries around the world such as: UK, USA, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia to give solutions for application of new materials in construction, joining to the solutions for handling weak ground such as: using artificial materials, friendly environment, longevity to reinforce for transportation infrastructure projects, green solutions…

        Futhermore, we also have applied the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 in order to bring the best products and services for the customers.

        With the determination to bring the company becomes one of the best suppliers of products and solutions for reinforcement of soil in Vietnam, all of steering committee and members of the company commit to bring the highest satisfaction and benifits to you as well as ensuring community benefits.

Best regards!